Friday, November 12, 2010

Mommy Necklaces Nursing Necklace 50% Off

*There is a limit of 2 of each necklace per person*
Mommy Necklaces™ are an innovative and trendy accessory for the nursing mom.  In 2005, Mommy Necklaces™ began revolutionizing the way that necklaces were worn by moms by creating a necklace designed to be worn while nursing, simply a ‘nursing necklace’.  Mommy Necklaces™ aid nursing mothers by making their job as a breastfeeding mom a little less painful, literally. Created by a nursing mother, the idea was born out of desperation when her daughter neared four months old.  Tired of the daily wrestling match between baby and breast, along with her daughter’s constant twiddling, pinching, and distractibility, she knew breastfeeding did not have to be this hard and painful!  Distracted babies nurse less during the day and more at night (tired mommy!) and fidgety babies love to pull their mother’s hair and leave pinch marks (poor mommy!).    Mommy Necklaces™ were invented to occupy busy hands away from Mommy’s hairline while engaging baby in a way that results in longer nursing sessions.
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