Saturday, November 13, 2010

Belly Bar Nutritional Shakes 62% Off

NutraBella was founded to improve the nutritional wellbeing of women by delivering delicious nutrient-enriched products that are uniquely formulated and conveniently portable. Created by women for women NutraBella''s all-natural food products promote good nutrition – the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. NutraBella strives to be the trusted source of tasty convenient and nutrient rich foods to fuel you toward your personal best.

You heard all about the pregnancy food cravings, but who ever thought that pregnancy and nursing would make you so thirsty?! And with so many of your favorite beverages on the “prohibited” list, it’s hard to quench that thirst deliciously. Bellybar Shakes to the rescue! Packed with vegetarian Omega-3 DHA, fiber, protein & calcium, Bellybar Shakes will curb your thirst, while satisfying both your taste buds and your desire for a healthy, nutritious drink.
These Cases expire the end December 2010.
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