Monday, November 15, 2010

Connectible Do It Yourself Drinking Straws --5.99

With our DIY Straws your can bring your inner kid out and make sipping a straw fun again! Create an endless array of twists, turns and 3-dimensional splits until your simple summer drink looks more like a plumber re-piped a skscraper! The DIY Straw pack includes different sizes of straws and multiple connectors that go in every direction.
Comes with 30 pieces.
These remind me of those crazy straws that were around when I was a kid.  You know, the kind that swirled around in multiple loops like a rollercoaster.
But I like these better for several reasons.  First, you're not locked into any one design.  You can build one giant straw, or multiple straws as in the picture.  Plus, it's efficient.  You can slurp down several cocktails at once with these things.  And while that would make for a very short night of partying, it would abe quite fun until you passed out.
And the next morning would probably herald a whopper of a hangover.
I think a better use would be to share a drink with your loved one.  One of those giant, fish bowl fruity drinks.  Yummy...
You can sip away with your very own DIY Straws by going to Prezzies Plus.

Check it out HERE

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