Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gaggle of Chicks--NEW WEB SITE

Check out this new site called, Gaggle of Chicks
When you sign up you get 5$ INSTANTLY in your account--
Here is how it works-

Get cracking, moms!

How to join the gaggle (for free!) and start saving on new deals everyday!

Check the deal

Once you sign up (for free!), you'll start getting daily emails from us with "today's deal." Act quickly: each deal expires after 48 hours! Deals are also posted on our website.

Hatch the deal

When enough moms like you purchase the same deal, it "hatches" and everybody saves!

Share the deal

Share the savings with your peeps! The more other moms buy, the more money you'll save. 
Go HERE to check it out

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