Monday, November 29, 2010

Picky, not me Mom! A parent's guide to children nutrition

Do you have children that are picky about what they eat—especially when it comes to raw fruit over juice form and vegetables? Karla's book is here to help.  See Posh little blog's book review here and Simply Stacie blog's book review here.
Very many concerned parents have asked Karla Heintz such questions and her solutions and suggestions, together with menu plans and fast recipes for resolving what she calls “picky eater syndrome” are brought together for the first time in this practical guide to better nutrition for your children and family.
Picky? Not Me, Mom! covers every aspect of nutrition from food choices and appropriate portions, to tips on getting more fruits and veggies in their growing bodies, and—of course—the underlying causes of picky eating. It also addresses several issues you may not immediately relate to nutrition: hyperactivity, electronic games, and television. All of the suggestions and solutions in this book are practical and mostly immediately applicable. There is no need to rush out and buy exotic foods or embrace mind-bending philosophies. Picky? Not Me, Mom! is a common sense guide to resolving the increasingly common problem of picky eating.
It is never too early or too late to teach your children about nutrition. Whether your kids are toddlers, teens, or in-betweens, with Picky? Not Me, Mom! you will always find a way to positively influence their eating habits. Meal times and eating can and should be an enjoyable time.

This I could use, plus someone who will cook for me  :)

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