Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mighty Putty

Product Description:

Billy Mays here for Silly Putty...


“You are not Billy Mays and that is NOT Silly Putty. It's Mighty PuttyTM. MI-GHTY PUT-TY! Got it? Good.”


Archie Golafinghtakalary here...


“Skip the name. How many times were you super wedgied from the flag pole as a kid? 'Cuz I'm about to hoist those tidy-widies up so high you'll be searching for your panties for a month.”


Hi there! Me here with Mighty PuttyTM, the ever lasting epoxy that molds like clay and holds like Grandma Rose's fruit cake. Just knead it and watch the putty turn from green to weird troll booger white-ish green-ish kinda mush.

Stick the epoxy any where for a strong hold...up to three hundred and fifty pounds! That's right, so you can finally hang that fat donut munching director from the flag pole that he threatened to hang you from, and he will NEVER be able to get down.

Give this epoxy to your chatty little sister as a piece of chewing gum, as it holds forever against any leak on most every surface. Warning: Mighty PuttyTM does cause large amounts of constipation in dogs. Do not use as a chewing toy.


“Amazing boy, amazing. Mr. Mays is turning in his grave. You were great! Now, lets get that Oxy-Clean out...”

Product Features:
Mighty Putty™ is a powerful bonding epoxy stick that you can mold to any shape and can apply to any surface for an everlasting bond.
Mighty Putty™ is great for anything from your smallest craft projects to your largest home improvements!
This powerful epoxy holds up to 350 pounds and has the strength to pull a tractor tailor.
Fix leaks, mount shelves, fix cars, and add the final touches to your crafts with Mighty PuttyTM

What You Get:
Mighty PuttyTM – 6 Sticks
Latex Glove

New Box
1 Year Warranty

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