Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dangling Donut Pendant

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Mommy Necklaces on Mamabargains?! That's right - here they are in all of their glam and glory mamas!! We are very excited to give you the super sweet hook up to these amazingly popular and stylish necklaces just for mommy.

Hot Mama walkin' this way with her little tot in tow! We know mamas want to look hip while running those errands, working, and playing with their little ones.... but darn it - little guys and girls just love to pull on everything, right? So you may be thinking, why do I want to 'train' my child to play with jewelry? Mommy Necklaces has heard it before and they tend to shrug their shoulders and say, “Why allow your skin to be pinched or hair to be pulled? Why does nursing have to be a wrestling match or a frustration due to distraction? Why does sitting through an event, have to be a 'hands off' situation?”

Little ones twiddle, fiddle and cat-diddle-diddle. It is what they do. And some do more than others. If you have a busy baby (and most of us do), you get it. It is crucial to their fine-motor development and exploration of their surrounding. Do we think you should hand them a Mommy Necklace as a play toy? Absolutely not. Mommy Necklaces are adult jewelry meant for adult wear ONLY. Toys are toys (but you're allowed to play with those). We are lucky to live in a day with an endless selection of reputable, sensory-based toys that will give your child a wonderful supplement to their everyday incidental learning. Mommy Necklaces are not here to 'train' your child to touch and play with jewelry. We're here for those that already do. And we promise, they won't enter Kindergarten still trying to break your jewelry. As with every stage, this one too shall pass.

The original 28" Mommy Necklace was designed purposefully for its use as a nursing necklace with its added functionality of a 'dangling donut' pendant.
The movable, dangling donut pendant is engaging and a unique design element. Whether it is a busy breastfed baby or a hair-pulling, hip-carried toddler. This classic Dangling Donut design has bead-dimension and major appeal. (The donut is not removable on most Dangling Donut designs, due to the larger bead size.) This necklaces is not designed for chewing or teething.

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