Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BooginHead Splat Mat

Let's face it. You love your little "booginheads" to pieces, but boy are they messy, even downright destructive! The food stains on your carpet, the grime in between your wood floor boards, and the crayon on your dining table can attest to that. These large 48" round Splat Mats by BooginHead might not save the world, but they can save your floor, furnishings, and knees - and for that - they are priceless.
You'll love this high quality mat that will look great in any kitchen. With 3 modern designs to choose from, you won't be embarrassed to pull out your "protection plan." What's more, they cover more area than a typical square mat. Bottom line: no more sticky messy floors at a price you can afford.
Place under your child’s chair to catch spilled or dropped food. Also great for protecting against art projects.

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