Thursday, October 14, 2010



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The boys are back in town! Well boys and girls and other weird folk to be honest! What are we talking about? Headphonies of course, those fantastic little speaker characters with the massive sound are finally back in stock!
Can you imagine that these mini speakers that look like little guys have that amazing volume and sound? Yeah, we had them as a Soupe a couple month ago, and they went BOOOOM – all gone. Literally, all gone. Eran didn't have any anymore, Dov didn't, they were gone.
Well, guess what, they are back and they are back with a vengeance! Not just did he design new styles - no, there's better innards as well:
- Improved packaging and plastic fitting - Better Quality speaker - RoHS compliant components - Improved instructions, now in 3 languages (hehehe) - LED indicator turns from red to green when fully charged - Improved Electronic components
Created by Eran Weinberg, the little Headphonies are lovely toy shaped portable mini speakers that work with any iPod you might own. Even if you don't own an iPod, they will work with other MP3 and CD players, as well as computers and even certain cell phones. The speakers – if that's what you agree on calling them - stand at only 3" (8 cm) tall, and the sound quality will really surprise you, we were beautifully blown away!
Each Headphonie comes in its own packaging which includes a headphone cable for connecting your music listening device (read iPod) to the Headphonie, as well as a charging cable for the unit, which doesn't requires batteries to use, and can achieve a full charge in about a hour which will give users about four hours worth of play time.

Check it out HERE

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