Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ali-Oops! Toy Clips

The Ali-Oops! Toy Clip is for every parent, grandparent, or caregiver out there that is tired of playing the "uh-oh" game with their child's things. The Ali-Oops! Toy Clip tethers your child's toys, sippy cups, snack traps, Sofie the giraffe, or whatever item you want, directly to the stroller, diaper bag, carseat, highchair, swing or bouncy seat.  The longer loop of the toyclip is perfect to wrap two times around the handle of a sippy cup, to tether to the arm or leg of a stuffed animal, to secure Sofie the giraffe, or to attach to various toys.  The shorter loop of the toyclip works well with smaller items, such as pacifiers, rattles, teethers, or the corners of plush books.  Now your child can have endless hours of fun playing the drop and retrieve game on their own, without you worrying about your child's items hitting the ground.

Approximately 10 inches in length and 7/8 inches wide, the Ali-Oops! Toy Clip is made with designer grosgrain ribbon and heavy duty snaps on either end for attachment. Stylish yet practical, the Ali-Oops! Toy Clips are different from others in the market because of the snap design.  Unlike velcro, kids cannot easily pull the snap apart and this ensures their things will remain attached until you pull them apart.

The Ali-Oops! Toy Clip is being sold in a set of two.  Buy two for yourself so that you can keep one on your stroller and one on your carseat at all times.  Or buy one for yourself and give one to a friend.   They make a great baby shower gift or a fantastic present topper for a toddler or new baby gift.

Four sets to choose from-
BLUE SET -Aqua blue and blue stripes

BROWN SET -Brown and pink stripes and Red

RED SET -Pink and Red

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