Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Volquarium $14.99

  • This is the desktop display that generates a mesmerizing cyclical display evoking the rumblings of a subaquatic volcanic eruption
  • Just fill the tank with 26.75 ounces of water, creating a diorama of an undersea vent with three phosphorescent corals and the ocean floor
  • An unseen pump hidden beneath the volcano silently draws in dozens of 1/8”-diameter translucent red and clear plastic pellets and ejects them from the cone, simulating a slow, majestic eruption
  • The pellets are illuminated by a red, blue, and green LED that flashes randomly to suggest glowing lava
  • The pellets circulate for four hours until the device turns off automatically
  • Plugs into AC using the included adapter

Get it HERE

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