Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cllick to give!--

Click to Give is a GREAT site--  Now YOU can also get rewarded and get prizes for signing up and just clicking!
No money--just a click of your mouse and YOU can help-How easy is that!?
Go and get started HERE
More from their website--
  1. You select which great cause you'd like to help from the menu.
  2. Click on the 'Click to Give' button associated with each organization.
  3. A click is then registered in our system of which every dollar made by the advertising shown, goes directly to that charity you were wanting to help.
  4. Redeem your points for free merchandise.

How many times can I click daily?

You can click once a day on each different cause.

How do I know the money really goes to the charities listed?

All the charities listed on this site are given the direct login details to the advertising agent responsible for supplying the ads to ClicktoGive. You will also notice testimonials scattered throughout the site.

How do I get my Daily Reminder to click?

You'll see on each page a 'Get a Daily Reminder to click' box. Give it a click.

How do I unsubscribe from my Daily Reminder to click?

At the bottom of EVERY email we send out you'll notice a 'SafeUnsubcribe' button.

What are the banner ads I see displayed down the side bars?

Those particular ads help to keep this site free. Since launching ClicktoGive and helping many, we have donated over $50,000 of our own time, resources and funding for building, maintaining and updating this site to date. This funding from banner advertising helps to lesson that burden of keeping alive.

Why did you choose to support the charities listed on this site?

We did a poll on many other sites, contacted homes and read reports on literally 100's of charities, and the ones we chose seemed to be the names/org's that needed the support, were very respected and of course do some GREAT things that really do help.

Can I help other than clicking every day?

So glad you asked that! YES you can, by helping to spread the word about ClicktoGive. Click the Tab at the top of each page 'Spread The Word' and you'll be given a range of tools to do so. And PLEASE tell your friends about us.

How do I follow the progress on how the clicks are helping?

You can view our 'Follow Our Progress' page which self updates in real time as the clicks and donations are generated.

How do I track how much I have helped personally clicking daily?

In your Members Control Panel, click 'View My Impact' to see exactly how your clicks are helping.

Does clicking every day really help?

YES YES YES, every click helps make a difference, so we really hope you find it in your heart to visit daily, click to give and help some of the most respected organizations in the world.After all, it's really as simple as a click!

Do I get rewarded for clicking daily?

YES, a percentage of the funding generated from your clicks is now going towards purchasing merchandise from the chosen charities on Which not only continues to ensure that every dollar generated goes directly to the cause you are clicking BUT also helps us reward YOU for your efforts in clicking daily.

So what are you waiting for??
Get to it!!!

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