Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playskool Easy Dunk Basketball

Don’t let your toddler feel blue because he or she is too short to reach the basketball hoop. Bring the fun to greater (but shorter) heights with the Playskool Easy Dunk Basketball.

Featuring a spring-loaded durable rim, the hoop hangs from doorknobs or door handles for easy dunking fun. Watch your toddler gain confidence as they slam and jam baskets while pretending to be an NBA star. 

Features Include:
  • Bring courtside action moves into any room and down to your toddler's level
  • Spring-loaded durable rim
  • Great gift for toddlers
  • Measures approximately 11.5" x 16" x 4.25"
Package Includes:
  • Backboard
  • Rim Assembly
  • Basketball
  • Doorknob Hanger
  • Front Plate
  • Stabilizer
  • Instruction Booklet
List Price: $29.99
Savings: (91 %) $27.00

Our Price: $2.99

Get it HERE

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