Friday, January 7, 2011

FREE--Memory Foam Heel Cushions - 2 Pack--FREE!

Amazing Comfort!
Unbelievable Price!
Make Your Shoes…
Feel Twice As Nice!

I tell ya…you can go out and buy the coolest looking shoes on the planet; the ones that make your feet look like they just stepped out of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and still not match the comfort of my cheap-o sneakers I got a few years ago at Tarsal Carnival, or Foot Fiesta, or whatever the place is called.
I wouldn’t remember, because it's been awhile since I bought new shoes.
Why’s that? Because I got smart and picked up a set of these Memory Foam Heel Cushions! That’s why!

I just added years of comfort to my kicks…
…and I got them for FREE!!!
Yes! It’s another Big Daily Sale free day!
Don’t you just love days like this?
Now think about it: For too long we have wallowed in the realm of Stone Age footwear, putting on our shoes with little reason other than to keep people from seeing the hair growing on our toes! These Memory Foam Heel Cushions bring your feet into the space age, with a unique material (from the future!) that will…
Well, as the package says: “Cradle your feet in a soft pillow all day long…”
So, it’s like standing on special orthopedic sponge cakes for your feet!
EW! That’s kinda gross to think about.
But hey, they’re FREE! So what’ve you got to lose? Buy three of ‘em and fill a few pairs of shoes with space-age memory foam goodness today! Stand longer! Feel better! Make those old shoes feel new again!
I’d hurry, if I were you, though. They are FREE, after all…
Click “Deal Me One” now!
Check it out HERE

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