Friday, October 15, 2010

Pass The Grogger! & Christmas Card Games --9.99

Pass the Grogger!
This is one grogger you won’t mind the children playing with. Teach your children about Esther’s Megillah as they make pairs of cards; Queen Esther pairs with Queen Esther, Mordecai with Mordecai, etc. The only way to make a pair with Haman is by covering him up with a Grogger!
Christmas Cards Card Game
Christmas Cards is a game for children ages 4 to 10 to learn to how to compete by matching pairs of cards. Children make pairs with Santa, Rudolph, Toy Soldier and Candy Cane. Children don’t want to see a Stocking with Coal on Christmas morning, so they have to get a Tree with Presents. Children will play this cute little stocking stuffer long after their other Christmas presents are broken.


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