Sunday, October 17, 2010

Learning Horizons Wipe-off Mat Set Your Price: $3.50

Product Description
While making dinner does your child want to be in the kitchen with you, eagerly watching as the pasta meets the spaghetti sauce and meatballs? Well, instead of shooing him/her away, you can sit them down at the kitchen table with an awesome wipe-off mat while he/she practices those cursive letters or addition!

With these mats, your child will:

Practice over and over again
- Writing uppercase and lowercase letters in cursive
- Addition facts to 20 on the 17 x 11 double-sided mat
- Printing uppercase and lowercase letters--use the arrows as a guide
- Multiplication facts to 100 on the 17 x 11 double-sided mat
- Recognizing, counting, tracing, and writing numbers 1 to 10

These 17 x 11 double-sided mats are double duty! Use them as a place mat to keep those noodles off the table as well as learning to write numbers, letters, and practicing simple addition!

Each mat comes with it's own pack of markers!

NOTE: Remove marker or crayon lines with a soft cloth 

Check it out HERE

That's 50% off the retail price of $7.00!

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