Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FREE - New Talking Pedometer Records Steps Taken, Distance Travelled And Calories Burnt - Gift Box--FREE

The little man was tiny. He was skinny and malnourished without an ounce of fat on his body. Overweight was not exactly the word that anyone would use to describe the man. Anyone, that is, besides for the pedometer that he held in his hands. No matter what he did or how he did it, his supposedly trusty pedometer always told him he was over weight. And while he was sure he always took thirty-thousand steps a day, the step counter on his pedometer always read that he was a couple thousand steps behind. How far can he possibly push himself, until he collapses in an emaciated heap? To what limits will he cut down on his already limited diet of poppy seeds and water? If he keeps going like this he could end up hospitalized or even worse...forced to eat!

If our friend here just had the right pedometer then maybe things would be different. With the Talking Pedometer he would never have to worry about his weight again. He would never have miscounted steps, and he would never have an inaccurate BMI reading, because his pedometer would actually talk to him. No one would ever tell him that he's fat and he would actually believe he was skinny. Talk about making life easier!

Too bad he doesn't have the Talking Pedometer. I guess he'll just have to remain an emaciated bag of bones with poppy seeded teeth. What a life to lead, huh?
Product Features:
This pedometer will be sure to keep track of every step you take and of every pound that comes and goes.
Literally watch as the calories burn away as the Talking Pedometer counts them for you.
With a great talking feature this pedometer will read you the display and you will never have to worry about misreading an inaccurate reading again.
Requires two AAA batteries (not included)

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