Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eco Trends Custom Fit Noise Isolating Earbud (2 Pack)

Product Description:
Going green? So are we! These environmental friendly ear buds are perfect for today’s day and age. The noise Isolating feature of the custom fit ear pieces will allow you to enjoy you music any time, any place, even on a bustling, eco-friendly walk home from work or school. These sleek looking ear buds are made to last with their non-break connector jacket. So not only will they last you almost a life-time, but gone are the days spent filling up waste dumps and polluting our world with broken ear buds. Join the cause to make this world a cleaner place for all of us. Buy these ear buds today!

Product Features:
Works great for iPod, iPhone, MP3, DVD Players, CD Players, Computers, and MANY MORE!
Noise Isolation from Ambient Noise
2 Custom Size Soft Ear Gels for a Guaranteed Comfortable Fit
Strong and Durable 3.5mm silver-Plated Stereo Connector
Our Price $4.79
(You save $40.20, that’s 89% off!)
+ $5.00 Shipping

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