Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Pack - Assorted Halloween Masks With FREE BONUS Pumpkin Light! $9.99

3 Pack - Assorted Halloween Masks

Note: These masks are made of high-quality materials and vary from $19.99 to $49.99 each. Many of them are characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, etc. You can order up to 3 sets per transaction. Although you will receive assorted masks, we can not guarantee you that you will receive all different ones, and can not guarantee that you will receive any of the above mentioned characters (Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman), however we will try our best! :)
A deal so good it's scary! You will receive 3 random high quality masks per order. All are brand new! Sure, Halloween is coming up, and these will come in handy for an instant costume. But think outside that! Have fun scaring your dog, or some random sucker in your office! Shoot, get a bunch of them and hand them out to people at your office and freak out your boss one day when he comes strolling in late as usual.
On the deal side of this, have you priced masks?!? They are pricey! This deal is incredible!!!

Check it out HERE

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