Friday, December 3, 2010

Take-Out-Time-Out mat

Teaching children acceptable social skills at a young age is crucial in cultivating a better relationship between parents and children. Take-Out-Time-Out mat promotes a consistent method to accomplish that goal. It allows for parents to maintain that consistency even when the family is out of the home, on vacation or in a different area of the home.

The Take Out Time Out mat is a useful tool to teach your child how to share or behave. You can use the Toto as a toy jail until your child agrees to share or you can place your child on the mat for the duration of a time out. It can fit in your purse, bag, or pocket for easy transportation. This Toto is also waterproof and can be used anywhere, stairs, chairs, shopping carts, playgrounds, etc. Toto assists you with a consistent spot for time out. Consistence is the key for this time out pad.

How to use the Take-Out-Time-Out mat and "Time out" method- Introduce Take-Time-Out-Mat as the new time out and explain to your child how Time-Out works. Discuss acceptable and unacceptable behavior with your child. Use Take-Time-Out-Mat immediately following unacceptable behavior. Remain calm, cool and collected. Child should be given Time-Out equal minutes to his/her age. Afterwards, discuss acceptable behavior that should have been used. This Mat is an amazing prodcut and is a positive learning tool for young children. Take- Time-Out-Mat can be used anywhere anytime!

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