Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Laureate Developmental DVD/CD Sets

Little Laureate Developmental DVD/CD Sets
Every parent wants to produce creative children who appreciate the arts, the world, and culture around them; that is, every parent wants their child to be a "little laureate." This award-winning educational series uses art and music to teach children about shapes, color, and the world around them. In an age where our lives (and the media our children consume) seem to go 100mph, Little Laureate slows things down and seeks to create small, magical learning moments with meaningful programming.
The perfect stocking stuffer, each set comes complete with a DVD, CD, and 24-page parent booklet. Buy one, or buy the whole series for the steepest discount:
  • My World Gallery - 51% off
  • My World Colors - 51% off
  • My World Adventures - 51% off
  • Set of All Three - 62% off

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