Friday, December 3, 2010

FREE - 2 PACK - OpenX Blister Pack Opener - GREAT for Christmas Morning!

2 Pack - OpenX Blister Pack Opener 


OpenX® is a new hand held tool specifically designed to safely and easily open plastic packages.
Plastic BLISTER packaging has revolutionized the retail industry. These packages are everywhere. Now a revolutionary tool design is helping consumers catch up! The Amazing OpenX® makes opening those plastic packages safe and easy. But, we've found that it works great at opening a variety of other items!
Also Great for...
• FedEx envelopes, Paks and boxes
• cereal bags
• video cassette wrappers
• detergent boxes
• pet food bags
• pill containers
• padded envelopes and Jiffy packs
• snack pouches and more!

$0.00 - (save 100 %)
(+ $4.99 s/h)

Open Sesame! Open Sesame! 
Get it HERE

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