Monday, March 7, 2011

My Walgreen trip--3/6/11

My camera is being a bit finicky so I didn't take any pictures--but here is a re-cap of my trip yesterday
I bought alleve --6.99---used the $3.00 coupon in the ad, and I had a $2.00 coupon from which is no longer available---price was --1.99
I bought 2 pedia-care--7.49 each---used the Walgreen's $5.00 off coupon and had a coupon from to save $3.00 off off 2--price was--1.98
I got my FREE collage from last week---$3.99--paid--0.00
Found a sippy cup for mini-bargains --$3.00-paid --.50
Ricola cough drops-used the .99 ad coupon and had a coupon from the inserts to save $1 off of 2-$5.98--paid $1.00
Found some clearance valentines for next year--$5.00--paid $1.00
Bought 2- Oscar Mayer sandwich on sale for $1.99--had a coupon for $1 off 2 from$4.00--paid---$3.00
Bought 1 Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl on sale for $2.00--had a coupon for save $1 off of 1--$2.00--paid $1.00
Actual price $42-09-After coupons $10.42
I used a gift card I had which had $1.00 left on it

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