Sunday, February 13, 2011

FREE App. for Valentines day---Ipad/Iphone

Valentines Day is the time when people give love, flowers, chocolates, and offer expensive dinner dates to their love ones. But do you know that it’s the thought that really counts?
There is actually no need to spend a penny on Valentine’s Day if you have your iPad or iPhone since Mushroom Age from G5 Entertainment will be available for free on iTunes on Saint Valentine’s Day.
This cool romantic game will be available via iTunes for the iPad and iPhone users on February 14th, as you have guessed.
For those who are not familiar with Mushroom Age, we’ll tell more about it.
This game is basically about a lost love. The story of the game focuses on Vera, the heroine who’s in a never-ending search for Tom, her fiancĂ© who disappeared before their wedding day.
Follow the adventures of Vera as she faces prehistoric creatures like the T-rex (who can talk?), as she travels back in time.
She will also try her luck searching for Tom in the future and encounter robots and other futuristic characters.
Make your Valentine’s Day busy with Mushroom Age’s 41 mini-games and 45 levels of heavy action and colorful adventure.
If that does not sound challenging for you, each level includes puzzles that you need to solve on your iPad.
Publisher G5 Entertainment describes Mushroom Age as “brain-bending” with the hidden objects that you need to find, and hallmarks that you need to remember each level, to be able to progress to the next level.
Mushroom Age is something that will keep you and your loved ones busy on Valentine’s Day this year, even if you’re just home.
Remember, this iPad game will be free for a limited time only, on February 14th.

Get it tomorrow HERE

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